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In my pursuit of a more meaningful life, I’ve noticed how our internal differences are ignored by most self-help gurus and spiritual leaders. Their methods and teachings don’t usually work for the majority of people because they don’t consider how wide the psychological gap is between them and their followers. I didn’t have to read a book about how poor people think.

    I grew up poor and I know that mindset first-hand. When we understand the psychology of poor people, it’s easy to see why sharing information about wealth isn’t enough to penetrate the soul of a poverty-stricken mind. Telling a person to think and grow rich before they even know they have the authority to think at all, is useless. If the mindset of poor people is better understood, then how to help them would be more constructive.

    The purpose of this book is to take a closer look at the mindset of poor people, from my perspective. This book is for those that really want to help the poor, for those that may be poor and not know it, and also for people that want to resist and overcome the psychological effects of poverty.